Houdini Hoody Men's Altohudi

Houdini's "Alto Hoody", which has a flexible but durability and moisture permeability, using a blend fabric "Woolly TreeMerino ™" made by focusing on natural fibers in Merino wool and ten cells. High -quality melino wool characteristics that maintain comfort according to the temperature, have natural antibacterial and deodorant effects and antistatic performance. In addition, by mixing the tencel, the beautiful luster and soft texture are realized, and the strength of the thread is enhanced despite the soft fabric. The front zipper is a double zipper specification. The inside of the zip pockets on both sides is equipped with a draw code for adjusting the hem fitting, preventing a gap wind. It can be used in everyday life because it can be worn when it is chilly as a relaxing wear after outdoor activity, and a simple design gives a comfortable fit. Weight: 600g (S size actual measurement) Design: Regular fit Material: Woolly TreeMerino ™ 60% Merino Wool, 40% Lyocell Tencel® Flat -placed measurement data S: Previous length 60.5cm Width 50.5cm Sleeve length 87.5cm M: front length 62cm Width 52cm Sleeve length 90cm

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