SILVA List Compass BEGIN (Silver List Compass Begin)

Entry model of "list compass" that enables action to open both hands I want to find out the point in the wilderness and run the "Orienteering" and "Traillanning" and "Traillanning". Compass with withdrawal is preferred. This "list compass begin BEGIN" is simple and indicates the direction exactly, and it is possible to act without blocking both hands by wearing the two belts firmly to the wrist and thumb. Forgetting to be wearingApproximately 13 gThe weight is also a good point. · If you want to eliminate the stress during orienteering or action with a lightweight compass, you can walk with the map, or you want to walk and get a bicycle. Recommended Entry Model. Please try. Size: diameter 38 mm × height 10 mm Mass: about 13 g Silva is a pioneer brand of compass 75th anniversary in 2008. The reliability of the compass has gained high support for climbers around the world, Orienteering participants and outdoor lovers. If you enter the mountain for a long time or in a mountainous race, such as OMM (original mountain marathon), please take the quality of the world that is a mandatory gear "Compass".

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