Milestone × Teton Bros. MST-002 Men (Milestone Teaching Bros Collaboration T-shirt Male)


Collaboration T-shirt printed with Milestone's slogan "Lighting Your Way" graphic in a standard shirt of Milestone® x Teton Bros. Teton Bros. (for men)

The fabric has a high UV reflectance, heat shielding, and excellent deodorizable effects using Teton Bros. standard graphics T. Once daily usage, we maintain comfort in sports scenes. Since the transparent can be suppressed, it can be worn by T-shirt.

"When I go to the mountain climbing of the low mountain, I don't need a sporty shirt ..." "I wonder if there is a T-shirt that is easy to use for jog or walking with a light and walk?" Staff is also in use in various scenes from mountain climbing to the back mountain✨

Color: Green / Blue
Male size (S / M / L)
Fabric polyester (tricool) 100%
Weight: 100g (Size M)

*** Japan's outdoor brand "Milestone®︎" Milestone Meaning (Loading) We continue to produce easy-to-use products that consider everyday and outdoor scenes.


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