OMM Omem Chest Pot


OMM Zack front bag

It can be used as a front pack that does not shake by attaching it to the OMM Zack shoulder harness. Map, behavioral food, mobile phone, compass, windchel, etc.… Even if the content increases, it is fixed with four belts, so there is a sense of stability more than sakosh just hanging from the neck. It can be used as a shoulder bag normally, so it can be used as a mini bag for city walking.

* As a staff member, it was also nice to be able to open and close the exterior zipper with double zip.・ Mini bags when heading from the bag / tent site where you can easily walk to the hut or nearby mountain summit ・ It is easy to use for anything that does not shake.

Capacity: 4L
Weight: 90g
Size 21cm vertical x 28cm wide
Material: 210T / HTTF color
 * Can be attached to the shoulder harness of OMM products


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