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Ultra -lightweight insulation vest

"Primaloft®" used for batting is a revolutionary ultra -fine microfiber material that replaces down. It has a light, warm heat retention and flexibility like feathers, and also has water repellency not found in feathers. There is no weak point that if you get wet, you will lose heat retention at once. It was born as an epoch -making artificial feathers that combine high practicality that can be used in any environment. The most high -performance Prima Loft®︎ Gold Insulation adopts the warmth and the loft is hard to collapse.

40g of PRIMA LOFT®︎ GOLD Insulation around the torso,Use Primaloft Luxe for the collarWhat is scary in the field is troubles such as hypothermia due to bad weather. Even if it gets wet due to sudden rain, it has heat retention and suppresses a sharp decline in body temperature.

The best type achieves weight reduction, and does not disturb the arm handling during the action. It is an easy -to -use product by wearing it in a shell. It can be used not only in the fall and winter, but also for warm clothes by fast packing Natsuyama climbing.

* Staff recommended points that you can easily wash at home! Recommended for those who are looking for a lightweight, high -performance and easy -to -use vest.

Weight: 135g (M size)
 Material: (Fabric: Point Zero Fabric / Cotton :: Primaloft Gold Cross Core)


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