OMM Omem Haylo Pants Men's


The lightest in OMMWaterproof rainpanz

 Uses a two -layer type type of ultra -light rainwear material "POINT ZEROH2O Fabric". Rain pants pursued light weight. The overwhelming lightness of 69g in S size is the best taste. An OMM -like dish that sharpens the functions to challenge nature to the minimum.

The storage size is compact and rice ball size.
In the case of highly active activities such as toleran and OMM, rain pants may be small, but this size that does not interfere with weight or storage even when not in use is an amulet -like item. The seams are completely waterproof of full seams, so they can be used properly in case of emergency and useful items.

Material: POINT ZEROH2O Fabric (2Layer) Waterproof 10,000 mm moisture permeability 10,000 GSM/24HR
Size: Length (cm) Insulation (cm) Waist (cm) Weight
・ XS 96/71/70 - 76/64G
・ S 102/73/76 - 81/69G
・ M 106/78/81 - 86/78g
・ L 112/82/86 - 94/85g

OMM Lite/Bike Hakuba Otari 2022 Preparation


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