OMM Omem Lace Base 70L


Has lightweight and high strengthDuffel back

Race -based duffelback OMM "Original Mountain Marathon" was created by volunteers who love the mountains in the UK in 1968 as a place to test their own mountain skills. A historic mountain race that has been held every year for more than 50 years. The race to be held has a rough weather, and it is often the harsh situation in the Chochoba, and there are a wide variety of gears to be used. Many participants bring a duffel back to store gears in the venue.

The race base of this new product is a TPU waterproof material, but it is 800g lightweight and reduces the stress during action. Shoes, running zacks, various clothing, sleeping bags ... You can combine a lot of gears to enjoy the field. Because it is strong, it is a gear bag that is safe even if you use it in an outdoor field or a little rough.

Staff's word memo
This lace base can store dirty clothing and gears and things that you do not want to dirty with the structure of the two air rooms. It is a lightweight and high -strength TPU material.

Fabric: TPU Re-enforced NYLON
Weight: Full Weight 800g / Leanweight 620g
Capacity: 70L


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