OMM Omem Classic 25


Backpack that is first cut into weight reduction in history

Classic 25 Mountain Marathon Pack In 1973, Classic was first developed.
It was produced by the Olympic player and later London Maracon founder, Chris Brasher. In the era when heavy packs made by canvas were mainstream, he focused on the key to the "weight" of the pack was an indispensable key to improving the function.

Classic is a backpack that has been cut into weight for the first time in history. The latest Classic series has become a well -balanced backpack for the body weight, ease of access during driving, comfort at all spids, and multifunctional components. I have all the functions I want.

Not only OMM les, but also more severe races and climbing, such as MDS, UTMB, Spine Race, DragonS Back, Grand2grand, 4Deserts, Fire and ICE ULTRA, Everest, Camino. The Classic series is packed with the perfect specifications.

Features • Eva with pads shoulder harness
• UGR -Universal Gerail
• Large back pocket that can fit anything • Pocket with zip of rain lid and belt
• Buckle system that can quickly put and take off
• Removable waist belt pocket
• Stretch mesh side pocket
• Removable Duomat backpad/sleep mat Technical Details

Staff's word memo
Lightweight and functional classic 25 is a versatile Zack, which is highly versatile, from fast packing, speed hike, light trekking for everyday use. If the light user or luggage is light, remove the waist belt and carry it at a high back position and it is more difficult to shake and comfortable. As you can see in the image, the mesh pocket on the large back has enough capacity to fit. It will be easier to use with customization such as GO POD sold separately on the front belt. Both men and women can adjust with belts, so you can choose with confidence.

Material: 210T & TPU enhanced nylon
Weight: Full Weight 715g /
 Leanweight 405g
* Lean Weight is the maximum level that is maximized without sacrificing ease of use. In the classic 25, the sleep mat on the back and the waist belt are removed, and the weight is reduced to a minimum weight.


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