Hydrapak STOW 500 ml (Hydra Packstow Bottle 500ml)

Summer Running New Start Hydrapak STOW 500ml (Hydra Packstow 500 ml) How to optimize "moisture" to carry in summer. One optimal combination thereof. NAKED RUNNING BAND, such as Waist Belt and Teton Bros. scrambling shorts, such as West Belt and Teton Bros. Scrambling Shorts, etc. I was searched for a bottle that was put and water leaked. If it is a normal soft-flask, the point of sucking is compressed, and there is a leak of water, and there are also a cap that takes a lock, but it is not easy to sell only with the cap ... Such pinpoint troubles, unexpectedly It is. Wide and flat STOW 500 ml will be frozen and brush to the pocket. Hydrapak's STAW, which offers the style of drinking the waist from the start, and Hydrapak's STAW, which realizes the style of drinking while melting, is excellent in durability, abrasion resistance, and the bottle of other companies manufacturer made with OEM etc. It is made in In the morning of June, the bottle that was frozen at around 23 ° C was frozen at about 30 minutes and half melted, and everything was dissolved in 45 minutes. It is ideal for hydration of just 1 hour, but it does not shake at all, and it is easy to take out with the attached handle. If there is no water, it can be stored compactly using the handle. If you reduce the amount of water a little, it will also be recommended for those who want to run in a minimal style, such as focusing on Teton Bros.'s scrambling shorts.✨When drinking, it will be a way to drink and drink bottle rather than "suck". Capacity: 500ml Heat-resistant temperature: 60 ° C (okay even if it is frozen or tight caution) Weight: 43g Size: 17.5cm × 10.2 cm Cap Size: 28 mm Material: Ultradurable TPU / PP / High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 2021 A "flip top cap" with a clean mouth cleansing mouth The spill pull-fern nozzle can easily drink even if it is difficult to spill

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