Paago Works Rush HIP (Pergglworks Rush Hip)


Running belt that can be used from running boot training to racing. Unique back and forth double pockets compatible with goodness and fit feeling of use. Various running gears can be stored up to supplemented food, smartphone, trellapar and windshell. It is also one of the pleasures that can be customized so that various luggage is given depending on the device's device by combining the included bungee cord and the cord lock. Also, if the capacity of your carried luggage changes, fine adjust the belt will provide an optimal fit. You can use it as a boost of Zac in a race, and it will reduce the stress that wallet and smartphones sway are normal training.

□ Front Pocket Pocket of flat-designed flat-designed, stretch mesh responds to changes in capacity to prevent luggage swing. There is no zipper, but it is characterized by being smared to be smarled without dropping important smartphones and wallets.
□ Back Pocket The same design as the front pocket, a back pocket of size. You can store up to 500 ml of plastic bottle, and tighten the central shock code to reduce luggage vertical swing. It is a storage force of more than looking.
□ The Backpack RUSH Family has been designed to reduce the height of the upper and lower heights so that it can be used with different running packs. There are few vertical shaking that tend to be in the running belt, and there is no doubt that it works in long race.

Accessories: Bungee Code, Code Lock
Capacity: 1 L
Weight: 250g
Size: 270x90x10mm
Main material: Stretch mesh
Color: Midnight / Sky Gray
West Size: 63 cm to 100cm


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