100% 250 ml from MELROSE MCT oil intercalate fatty acid coconut oil.


Product Summary
Natural components contained in coconut, medium-chain fatty acid (MCT) often contribute to performance as the energy source of brain and body.
Ketone body changes high quality lipids instead of sugar and carbohydrates.

Melrose MCT is derived from 100% coconut oil, made of a sustainable farm in the Philippines, and palm oil is not included. It is also useful for supporting energy to support energy by incorporating in no odorless and daily diet.
Melrose is developing three MCT oils that match the Pioneer of MCT Oil Launched MCT Oil in 1995.

This original is recommended for the first time to consume MCT oil for the first time in a medium-chain fatty acid (C8 and C10).

100% of the mid-chain fatty acid (C8, C10) derived from coconut oil

About recommended intake
If you are the first time, please take a cup of tispoon per day as a guide.
Substantial intake may be increased by 1 to 2 cups per day.
Raw food
Do not use for cooking.

□ Notes on use etc
· If you check the raw materials, etc., please do not enjoy if you have food allergies.
· If you feel an error in your body, discontinue drinking.
· If you are pregnant, please refrain from breastfeeding.
· After opening, please enjoy early regardless of the expiration date.
· Keep out of reach of infants.
· If you have liver illness, please contact your doctor before taking.
· Balance of diet based on staple food, main dish and side dish.

※ Product manufacturing plant manufactures products including milk and wheat.

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