MELROSE Melrose Essential Red Powder


Melrose Powder Series supports daily health and beauty with easy-to-drink taste.
In addition to mixing in drinks, let's easily inoculate it.

□ Product Overview

Melrose Essential Red Powder is a powder that supports from the inside because it is strong that you can fight with external stresses that are exposed every day. Superfood, including nutrients such as Beatroute, Acai, Berry, Microalga, Astaxanthin, etc. is blended, and it is perfect for beauty support with vivid pink.

□ Recommended intake
About recommended intake
A drink per day (4G) as a guide to drink water and your favorite drink
Please melit and eat. Children from 6 to 12 years old are as a guide to 2g.

Cautions for use
· If you check the raw materials, etc., please do not enjoy if you have food allergies.
· If you feel an error in your body, discontinue drinking.
· After opening, please enjoy early regardless of the expiration date.
· Keep out of reach of infants.
· Balance of diet based on staple food, main dish and side dish.
※ We manufacture products including milk at this product manufacturing plant.

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