Melrose Melrose Essential Red Powder


Melrose's powder series supports daily health and beauty with easy -to -drink taste.
In addition to mixing with drinks, let's easily inoculate it, such as adding it to dishes.

□ Product Overview

Melrose Essential Red Powder is a powder that supports the strong body that is strongly fighting the external stress that is exposed every day. It contains superfoods that contain nutrients such as beetle, acai, berry, micro -algae, and astaxanthin, making it a bright pink color and perfect for beauty support.

□ Recommended intake
About recommended intake
As a guide, one cup of teaspoon (4g) per day, water and your favorite drink
Please dissolve and enjoy. If you are 6 to 12 years old, please enjoy 2g as a guide.

Precautions for use, etc.
・ After checking the raw materials, etc., please do not enjoy those who are allergic to food.
・ If you feel any abnormalities in your body, stop drinking.
・ After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.
・ Store in a place where infants are out of reach.
・ Balance of meals is based on staple food, main dish, side dishes, and side dishes.
* This product manufacturing factory manufactures products containing milk.

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