Melrose Melrose Essential Green Powder

Melrose's powder series supports daily health and beauty with easy -to -drink taste. In addition to mixing with drinks, let's easily inoculate it, such as adding it to dishes. □ Product Overview Melrose Essential Green is a green powder with excellent total balance between the blessings of the earth and the blessings of the sea. In addition to wheat and barley leaves, it also contains chlorella and spirulina, called green superfood, and supports daily health and beauty with nutrients such as chlorophyll, carotin, folic acid, vitamins, minerals, and vegetable fiber. It has a low habit and can be used not only for drinks but also for cooking. □ Recommended intake Dissolve one cup of teaspoon (4g) per day in water or your favorite drinks. If you are 6 to 12 years old, please enjoy 2G as a guide. Precautions for use, etc. ・ After checking the raw materials, etc., please do not enjoy those who are allergic to food. ・ If you feel any abnormalities in your body, stop drinking. ・ After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date. ・ Store in a place where infants are out of reach. ・ Balance of meals is based on staple food, main dish, side dishes, and side dishes. * This product contains wheat. * This product manufacturing factory manufactures products containing milk.

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