ESS Crossblade NARO Interchangeable Lens (Yellow, Smoked Gray, Clear)

ESS Crossblade Replacement FlameESS custom fit order that can make an original sunglasses set by combining with. [CROSSBLADE NARO interchangeable lens. The thickness of the lens is 2.4 mm impact polycarbonate, high resolution lens. The lens outside the lens is a scratch resistant hard coat, and the inside of the lens is a high-spec lens that is ultimately cloudy Flow coat coating. Flow-Coat (flow court) is the ultimate cloudy coating with the most advanced advanced technology currently advanced. The CROSSBLADE NARO lens is narrower, less than 5 mm left and right than the lens width of Crossblade, and the bottom of the lens is 2 mm deep (4 mm deeper than the CROSSBOW lens). Small face and women are recommended lens sizes. (Hydef yellow) Visible light transmittance: 85% (smoked gray) Visible light transmittance: 15% (clear) Visible light transmittance: 90% about -ess-Military, fire, rescue, etc. of more than 130 countries Brand of ESS Oakley Military Government Division, which continues to supply safety gear. ESS Eyewear, born in product development that does not compromise with state-of-the-art technology, Military Standard MIL-PRF-32432 (Mill Spek) is composed of MIL-PRF-32432 (Mill Speck), and can not pass in sports sunglasses brand, Industrial Standard ANSI Z87. Because it conforms to 1 +, the user gives the user's best performance. More than 20 years of research and research are repeated, and the optical lens developed for use under the most severe ultimate circumstances can be used to obtain a clear view with high resolution and high resolution. In addition, the frame design designed based on human optics does not hurt because there is no compression of the ear and the nose, so it does not hurt and has a comfortable fit. We will perform performance in many areas until MTB, trail running, outdoors, from Bicycle, Running, Baseball, Tennis, and Nogayama. ■ High-performance sunglasses ■ High resolution lens ■ Eyewear recognized by top athletes

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