Houdini Hoodini Men's Short Sleeve Shirt


Houdini's summer classic shirt that realizes the best comfort even in the sweaty season

UPF50+. A short sleeve shirt that can be used for a variety of purposes. WISH WOVEN ™ fabric, made from very high -drying polyester material, has excellent moisture permeability and has a ultraviolet protection index UPF50+and protects the body from a strong summer sunlight. Because it uses a classical design, you can wear it to select a place from trekking to everyday.

The regular fit is a chest pocket that is convenient for putting a map on the left chest, and the inner security pocket inside, and it is compact and can be stored in a compact packable specification.

Weight: 150g
Material: WISH WOVEN ™
Because the size is large, there are many customers who lower one size than the general Japanese size.


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