Perform Better FP Mini Band Midiam Green

You can see if you use it! It is an exercise band of durability. • A wide approximately 5 cm exercise band extends to a length of 2.5 times. · Outdoor, home, hospital, gym, and travel destinations will be able to exercise anywhere. · It can be used for exercise such as latalar walk, leg laze, shoulder stabilization. · We are widespread use of ass training, including the strengthening of the whole body widely. · We are also perfect for home training about 48 x 5 cm and home training. (The green is a medium type that is moderately applied.) The miniband of popular products has many applications, but it is also effective to use the appropriate form at the time of squat. It tends to bend the knee inside when dropping the hip joint with squat, but that does not get enough training effects. Fix the knee in the band and try squatting to acquire the sense of pushing the hip to the ground.

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