Escalante Racer Boston Womens (Escalante Racer Boston Women's)


Most Completed Altra Road Shoes

"ESCALANTE RACER" is selected to be the most full marathon's time in Altra running shoes.
The greater knit upper knit upper maintains excellent breathability and high stability and strength, and high repulsion midsole (part of the cushion) boosts the acceleration during running.

The Boston Marathon model of "Escalante Racer" also entered the third generation of the third generation, the most popular road shoes of Altra, and the changes from last year.

· The shoelaces are changing
→ It is a very hot shoelace that is hard to grow

· The way to pass the strap of the part covering the foot of the foot called Shotan has changed
→ It is a more simple and kind fit feeling

· The knitting method of the heel cup (part that wraps the heel) is finer
→ Even while securing breathability, Kakato is getting broken

· Embroidered around the hole through which shoelaces (shoelaces) passes, and strength is improved

Weight: 217 g (Mens US 9.5 / 27.5 cm)
178 g (Womens US 7.5 / 24.5cm)
Stack Height: 22 mm
Upper: Engineer dress
Midsall: Altra Ego


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