Provision 4 / W (Provision 4 / Women's)


Provision 4.0 (Provision 4.0)
Innovative shoes that support one step
Provision 4.0 shows evolution as a support technology for running. It is an innvarch (innovorch) called innovarch. The feature of Innovarch has adopted a proopolyasse procedure system that is capable of knowing where to know where the foot and body part is in space, without visual use, and the brain and feet of the runner are connected, one step One step will help you have an appropriate landing. Therefore, we will help you smoothly and comfortable steps without limiting the natural movement of the foot.

Characteristics of Provision 4

1, a sense of fit that was individual called an innovati is obtained
2, the function of guiding rail is highly stable
3, cushionability and stability are high because it is worn for a long time
4, it is also kind to people of squared fascinatitis

Support shoes that achieved innovative weight reduction
Stack Height: 27mm
Weight: 232 g (Men's 25.5 cm)

Storage note of store manager

Provision 4 is an ALTRA running shoe, with the best support function. Walking, running, standing work is recommended for people who are easy to get tired. It is good to be cushioning.
The Inonobachi system introduced this time is winding up the support system installed under the sows when she is shoeedn, and prevents the arch from falling. Rather than simply lifting, a sensor that is said to be a natural receptor provided in the back of the foot reacts, and it is an image that sends a signal to the brain so that the arch does not fall any more.


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