Youth Lonepeak (Youth Loan Peak)


Altra's most popular trail shoes "LONE PEAK" released for long-awaited kids

"Youth Lonepeak (Youth Lone Peak)" is made to wear shoes without breaking the shape of the children and run around soil, sand and mud. Altra, of course, "Minazama of parents thinking about the growth of children's feet" wishes to grow properly while maintaining the foot shape and function of the growth period. Although it is a loan peak, because it is slimy to make the cushion against weight or not interfering to the movement of the child's foot, it has been made to be unique to Kids, as it is a unique to Kids. It is different from the sense when the way is worn, but the children are designed to feel comfortable to wear with adult loan peaks.

Just not only to fulfill its wishes, it has been made to make a 1 cm chip, as it can not only fulfill its wishes but also the insole that can be removed. Of course, even if the insole is removed, the comfort as if it is insoled as it is. You can enjoy it comfortably with one foot.

Parent and child I want to wear a loan peak together, one pair that makes such a wish come true.


Only 2 pieces in stock!

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