Altra Solstice XT-W (Altra Solstis XT Women)


Solstice XT is a new model of crost training shoes.
Upper with reinforcement so that it can respond to the movement of the latest, a stable midsole when heavy weights, and Altra's Solstis XT, which are flat, succeeded in weight reduction and are training shoes for gyms. It keeps high performance as a running shoe.
If you are doing both training and running in the gym, you will definitely be active as a shoe that is no longer possible.
The simple design is not only training in the gym, but also a highly versatile one as a sneaker as a normal running shoe.

Stack height: 23mm
Weight: 196g (weight of WUS7.5 24.5cm)
Outsole: Full rubber outsole
Midsole: EVA


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