Drymax Trail Running 1/4crew (Drymax Trail running 1/4 crew)

By folding the hem, long and short length, It is a model that can be used in either. The temperature drops due to the rise in the mountains, pants and shoes It is also possible to respond to the environment by folding the length, such as the cold of the ankle. Become. Drymax is a feedback from the top trail runner For trail running only with dry max technology while cherishing I made socks. This dry max "Trail running 1/4 crew" is Adopts a two -layer structure that pushes moisture outside, and the moisture generated from the foot is inside The dry max fiber sucks from the skin, moves to the outer layer and absorbs it, By releasing it to the outside efficiently, you can keep your shoes dry for a long time. The dry max "Trail running 1/4 crew" is at the middle level Because it adopts padding, there is no change in the fit of the shoes. It keeps sufficient cushioning.

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