Pro-TEC IT BAND (IT Band Compression Rap)


Iise band compression lap

Reduce the pain from the outside of the knee, including intestinal culture ligament.

Pain is out of EVA pad
By moderately compensate for the upper outer side of the knee (where there is a sense of discomfort of the tivial ligament), alleviates and stabilize the stress applied to the tivial teeth.

It is easy to occur as downlink and running disorder in the climbing
Support the knee's outer movement at pinpoint.

It can be acquired from the top of the clothes, so it is also popular as an amulet of long-term behavior.

S-L: Up to 48 cm
XL: 48 cm or more
※ Measurement of the surroundings of 8P from the knees

Synthetic rubber polyester

Manufactured by Taiwan

(Handling is S-L size only)

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