NOVA Scotia Fisherman Mini Bag (Fisherman Mini Bag trial set)


A trial set that combines popular items in one bag, a trial set that summarizes four popular products from Novascosia and Fisherman.

It is also recommended for gifts for friends as a gift set. Please experience Novascosia Fisherman products from the top of the head to the toes. Contents: 1 mini sequeloplation (original) 1 mini rescue balm 1 MINI Sacelpo soap (type is on the type) 1 sequel pripo balm (type is a good lleven) -Gluten -free -preservative free (parabens & futalic acids) Free) -An animal experiment -Synthetic fragrance free -synthetic coloring free -soap and lotion are vegan -friendly (balm is used bead wax)

The Novascosia Fisherman is derived from the small fisherman district "Novascosia" in Canada, and is derived from fishermen working in the Atlantic Ocean and in a harsh environment. Create the highest quality skin care products that protect your skin even from the severe weather where fishermen in Novascosia confront each other. Combine only the nutritious natural ingredients that can be collected near the sea into the product. I put such thoughts in the company name. Novascosia Fisherman products have three characteristics -use only healthy and secure ingredients for the skin -High quality that can be realized in any climate and environment -The environment is specific.

1. Manufacture all natural skin care products and body care products in Novascocia
2. No preservatives, synthetic colors, fragrances
3. The product uses organic certified natural oil
4. Lotion and soap are not derived from animal ingredients and can be used by Vegan.
5. Use bead wax (beeswax) for lip balm
6. Atlantic Sycelp (seaweed) collected from the local Fandy Bay, which boasts the richest marine ecosystem on the earth, is blended into all products as highly effective beauty ingredients.

* Price has not been changed for the product before the change.

[Updated on October 12, 2022 The mini lotion is 10ml → 30ml]


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