GRANGERS Active WASH 750ml (Grungers Active Wash)

GRANGERS ACTIVE WASH Features · GRANGERS ACTIVE WASH · Warming · stubborn sweat · Nioy is strongly cleaned sweaty quick-drying of sweatwasing · Wear · · Used for polyester cotton · Merino wool ※ Later repellent reduction In order to make it possible, water-repellent and processed ware are not available, bleach, fluorescent whitening agent, softener non-use, hard water and soft water water quality, and does not damage the material. Used quantized water (30 ml) for 30 l (30 ml) "Grangers" is a brand that was born as a maintenance supplies for UK military tent in 1937. We are studying the highest water repellency and pursuating the best performance. In addition, environmentally friendly products have been highest in the world, such as emphasis on environmentally friendly product development and acquiring the most stringent Blue Sign® * in the environmental planning of textile products. .

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