Luna Sandals Mono Wined Edition (Luna Sandal Things)


 MONO WINGED EDITION has now been able to even wear any hooks by the wing of the strap to appear first. It is overwhelmingly easier to wear than the conventional strap, and the strap can be adjusted even from the state where the strap can be adjusted, and the usability is significantly improved. In addition, the durability also increased due to the strap not rubbed with the ground.
Among the series of Luna Sandals, the versatility is highly versatile The MONO series of Pikaichi may be a mastobai product before the stock disappears.
In the city, in the mountains, enjoy the durability that does not become a comparable thing with great wear and all the great wearing and everywhere.

It is about the sense of size, but it is the US notation of men's.
This is recommended to wear it with almost the same size as the actual size of the foot. If you do not know the actual size, you recommend that you wear 1 cm smaller from there if you have a toe to a running shoe.
Reference example) If you wear US 9 (27 cm) in the Altra running shoes, if you have a toe a toe, it is recommended to purchase US8 (26 cm)

Weight: 167 g (Size 9)
Sole thickness: base 11mm Lug 4mm
Sole: Vibram Morfrecksol

HAVE WINGS, CAN FLY! from Luna Sandals ON Vimeo.

Click here for how to adjust the strap

HOW to Adjust Luna Sandals-Performance Laces from Luna Sandals ON Vimeo.


Only 3 pieces in stock!

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