Chimera Everyday


Contents 300g Chimera Everyday is a food for adjusting the lipid stored in the body into a body that is easy to use as energy. Above all, it contains a lot of nutrients necessary for those who enjoy endurance sports, such as ultra marathons and trail running. The main component is MCT (medium -chain fatty acid), which contains elements such as minerals necessary for long -time exercise and amino acids that are depleted in a well -balanced manner. Hold for about one month in one bag. Please try it for one month first.

The 2 -point set will be free shipping, so if you purchase regularly, you will find it!

 Recommended for such people!

✔ I'm hungry during exercise
✔ I haven't accepted supplements
✔ I have caused the energy to run out
✔ I get sleepy during exercise
✔ The internal organs make you feel uncomfortable
✔ The food for action is heavy and the shoulder is
✔ Easy to get fat and hard to lose weight

■ How to use your favorite drinks and dishes.
■ Attention ・ When using for the first time, gradually increase the usage with one tablespoon (about 10g).

・ Eat powder directly or if you have a large intake, you may be hungry.
・ Do not put it in a polystyrene container such as instant noodles. The container may be deteriorated.
・ After opening, close the chuck and enjoy as soon as possible.
・ Do not store in the refrigerator because it has moisture absorption. About the feeling of use of the product and the FAT AdaptationStride Lab Blogplease look at.


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