Milestone Mile Stone Head Lamp Trail Master (up to 850 Lumen)


Milstone flagship model.

MS-F1: "Trailmaster" has developed the best headlamps for outdoors that can be used in various fields, including trail runners.

The three commitments of the trail master ...

1) Simple operability
2) Excellent balance and wearing feeling
3) Equipped with two LEDs (white, light bulb)

ONE AND ONLY, THE BEST HEADLAMP for Ultra Trail Runners.
Made in Japan



Main: Natural Warm Color Cool White
Main LED: Natural Warm Color & Cool White Color

● Brightness / Brightness

850 LM (Boost/Boost)/300 LM (High)/160 LM (Mid)/80 LM (LOW)

● Battery used / Battery

Exclusive battery (included)/ MS-LB1

● Battery life / runtime

19 HRS (time) (LOW)/9 HRS (time) (Mid)/5.5 HRS (time) (High)

 ● Waterproof function / Water Resistance
IPX5 (spoiled fluffy form)

● Irradiation distance / BEAM DISTANCE

About 80m

Body size / size

Front: Width (W) 35 x height (H) 40 x depth (d) 35mm
Rear: Width (W) 60 x height (H) 80 x depth (d) 40mm

Private constitution / Weight

105g (by battery) 180g (battery -included)

Accessories / Attachment

Dedicated battery MS -LB1, USB cable, top belt


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