Milestone's latest model. MS-F1: "TRAIL MASTER" has developed a headlamp that is ideal for outdoors that can be used in various fields including trail runners. Three commitments of Trail Master ... 1) Simple Operating 2) Balance, Excellent for Wearing 3) 2 LED LEDs (White, Bulb Color) led Maine: Natural Warm Color Cool White Brightness Approximately 850 lumens (up to 300 boost) about 300 lumens (strong) about 160 lumens (middle) about 80 lumens (weak) Batteries used Private battery (included) Battery life About 17 hours (weak) about 7 hours (medium time) about 3.5 hours (power time) Waterproof function IPX5 Irradiation distance Approximately 80 m body size Front: About the Width 35 × height 40 × depth 35mm rear: About 60 × height 80 × depth 40mm Volume mass About 105 g (by battery) 180 g (battery included) accessories Private battery MS-LB1, USB cable, Top belt dedicated spare batteryYou can purchase from hereis.

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