MAG-ON Energy Gel

Simultaneous charge of energy and magnesium Enable gel quickly conders magnesium simultaneously with energy. With the same specifications as general replenishment gel, 50 mg of water-soluble magnesium with high absorption rate, which is the largest feature of MAG-ON. Since it is a gel type that can be mobile and can be easily drinked as it is, it is recommended during important races and exercise and competition. (Blue Mikan, Pink Grapefruit, La France, Lemon is caffeine) Contents: 41 g (1 piece) -0 mg of energy 120 mg / Caffeine 25 mg, gel type (Apple, grapefruit, plum without caffeine) content Amount: 41 g (1 piece) · Energy 120 kcal / magnesium containing 50 mg / gel type

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