Moji Heat 4'ball (Mougi Heat 4 Ball)


Thermal type massage ball.

Adopt high molecular cushion material and internal hard plastic with strong heat by proprietary technology.
It has the effect of promoting blood flow, which relieves muscle stiffness and pain.
It can be used for all parts such as arms, necks, feet, back, foot, hand, etc.
Provide relaxation by massage and temperature sensation.

Heat Massage Ball can warm up the targeted part deeply, stretch and massage.

Must warm with a microwave lasts up to 30 minutes for a comfortable warmth.

* Heating with a microwave (about 2 minutes and 30 seconds / 500 W for about 2 minutes / 500W)
* Do not heat more than the specified time.
* Open the intervals for more than 2 hours when reheating.

Size: about 10 cm in diameter (LARGE)
Weight: 530g

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