Vanish-R UNISEX (Banish R Unisex)

Top black Main The lightest racing shoes in Altra history Altrufftware long -awaited "racing shoes". Vanish-R is a lacquer shoe with a very lightweight, highly flexible, and flexible fit. The upper adopted a mesh material with high breathability, and pursued the comfort to the maximum. In addition, the newly developed "Propel Plate" placed in the midsole rebounds without any extra power and converts it into propulsion. The most important factor, "Speed", is realized with the best comfort. * About the size of Vanish The feeling varies from person to person, but we recommend that you purchase by increasing the size by 1.0cm in size than normal ALTRA shoes. (If you are in the small school, you may be raised a little more and select a size above 1.5 cm.)

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