OS1ST BR4 BUNION RELIEF SOCKS (OS First Vanion Relief Socks)

OS1ST is a supporter used to suppress the movement so that it does not overly burde not to prevent recurrence, not acute phase. Unlike fixing braces that fix it during the acute phase, it is difficult to stabbit, easy to move, convenient to carry. NEXT TO SKIN is classified as a category of supporters, and in the United States, it is a brand that boasts NO1. BR4 is a socks with pads made in the direction for external hallux valgus. Especially in the part where threads and pain develop are equipped with a special pad, it supports the cracks that the arch can be broken by compensating the straight-minded part. In addition, it will prevent water with socks and shoes and friction. BR4 Size S: 21 cm to 24cm M: 24.5 cm to 27.5 cm L: 28 cm to 31 cm Color: Black Normal Statermol Memo Memo Memo Memo Not Dolly The Yoko is Trying to Yoko I was asked. "The special pad for external horses is not more thicker than I thought, so I smile naturally without much awareness. This is not painful even if it runs with all power, "she was smiling. It looks like it was likely to see, simple and scaled products, sports, so I'm glad.

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