PETZL Petzl Swift


With a brightness of 900 lumens, only 100 g "Swift RL (Swift Reactive Writing)" is the highest level of output among the compact headlamps, yet 50g of the body, 50g battery, and super lightweight. Reactive writing technology, which symbolizes PETZL technology, automatically adjusts the light and beam patterns required by the optical sensor. "Swift RL" can intuitively operate all functions with one button. It can be re -charged and can accurately grasp the battery level with a 5 -stage battery indicator. The patented headband uses two different materials with different elasticity to ensure high stability even for intense exercise and aggressive activities.

Product details

  • Ultra high output, lightweight: 900 lumen, 100 g
  • Optimized comfort and irradiation time
  • Long irradiation time, comfortable visibility, unwanted reactive listing mode: optimizes light sensors and optimize battery consumption.
    • Comfortable visibility, two beam patterns (wide, mix: weak, middle, strong), perform high -performance outdoor activities.
    • A headband reflector that informs you of your existence
    • Adjustable headbands (patented) using two materials with different elasticity have high stability and comfort even in intense exercise.
    • 2350 MAH lithium -ion battery (with battery indicator) that can be charged with USB port (Micro B)
  • Intuitivity and ease of use:
    • Manage all functions by operating with a simple button: On/off, irradiation mode, brightness, lock function
    • Switch two irradiation modes by pressing and holding the button: Reactive writing, standard drink
    • It has a function to lock so that it does not accidentally turn on when storing or carrying it, and to prevent the irradiation settings from changing during use.
    • It can be re -charged and can accurately grasp the remaining battery level with a 5 -stage battery indicator.
    • When used by lowering it to the neck, the angle of the headlamp can be adjusted upward.
    • Remove and clean the headband


Irradiation: 900 lumen (ANSI-FL1 standard)
Weight: 100 g
Technology: Reactive writing, standard driving
Beam pattern: Wide, mix
Power: 2350 MAh lithium -ion Richable jubble battery (included)
Charging time: 6 hours
Water -resistant performance: IPX4 (all weather type)
Certification: CE

Specs irradiation: 900 lumen (ANSI-FL1 standard) Weight: 100 g Technology: Reactive Writing, Stander Driting Beam Pattern: Wide, Mix Power Source: 2350 MAh Lithium Ion Removial Battery (Included) Charging Time: 6 Hours Waterproof performance: IPX4 (All weather type) Instruction manual download


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