Milestone Mile Stone MS-I1


High -power and lightweight headlights that support long -term behavior

Up to 1000 lumens, the lighting time is up to 7.5 hours, which is 175g, including the battery despite the high specs.The color scheme of the white and light bulb color is good, and it feels like the color closer to the natural light of the sun, and it is a gentle light that takes into account the stress felt by long use.

In addition, the versatility of the accessory itself is high, and the dedicated battery lithium rechargeable battery 3400mAh is actually measured.It is possible to charge smartphones and clocks through the attached dedicated cable (USB-typeC). Since the clip belt that comes with MS-G1 and G2 is also included in the MS-I1, it can be installed only in the Zac shoulder or waist part only for the main unit. Can be used for various purposes, up to each accessories"Flight"It is a light that you can feel.

Lighting pattern: loop lighting MID → High → ultraHigh → Low
How to turn off: button 2 seconds and long press 

1) Pursued operability, lighting time, and cospa. Equipped with white and light bulb color Mix LED
2) Discerning specifications
* Low (65lm: 53 hours)
** Mid (260lm: 11 hours)
*** High (480lm: 8 hours)
**** Ultra High (1000lm: 7.5 hours) 

Color: CL Clay / Clay
Brightness / Brightness:1000 Lumen / 1000 Lumens
Battery / BATTERY: Dedicated lithium rechargeable battery (MS-LB3) included / Lithium Ion Battery (MS-LB3)
(Battery -included)
Accessories / Attachement: Dedicated lithium rechargeable batteries (MS-LB3), dedicated clips, top belts

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