PAAGO WORKS Pago Works Rush Hip


Running belt that doesn't shake Running belt that can be used from training to racing

Unique front and back double pockets provide both ease of use and fit. Holds a variety of running gear, from snacks and smart phones to treerun poles and windshells. Another fun feature is the ability to customize the baggage by combining the included bungee cords and cord locks to attach various types of luggage depending on the user's ingenuity. The belt can also be fine-tuned for an optimum fit if the capacity of the luggage to be carried changes. It can be used as a boost for a race sack, or for everyday training to reduce the stress of a shaking wallet or smart phone.

The flat, gussetless design of the pockets allows the stretch mesh to accommodate changes in volume and prevent your belongings from shaking. Although it does not have a zipper, it allows you to smartly insert and remove your important smartphone, wallet, etc. without dropping them.

The back pocket is exactly the same design and size as the front pocket. It can hold up to a 500ml plastic bottle, and the shock cord in the center can be tightened to prevent vertical swaying of the luggage. It has more storage capacity than it looks.

The design of this bag is designed with a low vertical height so that it can be used not only with the RUSH family but also with various other running packs. It is sure to be useful in long races with less vertical swaying, which is common in running belts.
Accessories :Bungee cord, cord lock
Capacity :1L
Weight :250g
Size :270X90X10mm
Main material :Stretch mesh
Waist size :63cm-100cm


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